quick cash it's your inheritance It can take months or even years to get a settlement once your inheritance goes into probate. AIC can get you money now.
Intended Now Delay Not intended Your loved one left you the inheritance for you to use, and never intended it to get stuck in probate court and delayed months or even years.
"I used my inheritance cash to repair the family house and prepare it for sale." — Alfred Sulcer
Change Your life with an inheritance advance AIC can help you change your life today with an advance on your inheritance.

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how it works


Cash for Beneficiaries

This is not a loan, it is a cash advance on your inheritance.

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probate advance


waiting on probate

How can I get a cash advance on my inheritance?

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administrator advance


Estate Control

Need an advance to repair estate property?

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for lawyers

 Helping Your Clients

Help your clients get their inheritance cash today.

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AIC Your Inheritance Cash Advance Experts

AIC Can help get your life back in order

What is a Probate Advance and How does it work?
This is not a loan, but a cash advance on your inheritance. AIC will help you get the cash you need now without waiting out the lengthy probate process.


Your Inheritance, Now.

AIC unlocks inheritance cash for beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and administrators Nationwide.

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  • You must be an heir or beneficiary of a will or trust;
  • the estate must be in probate; and
  • the  heir or beneficiary must be eligible to inherit $20,000 or more
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pic_8Understanding Your Needs

AIC understands how difficult it can be to navigate the probate process.

  • Your loved one left you an inheritance for you and/or your family’s benefit, and most likely never intended it to take months or even years for you to actually receive the money they left behind.
  • AIC helps heirs of an inheritance or trust get their cash today without a credit or background check.
  • This is not a loan.
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pic_9What others have done.

See what others have done with their inheritance checks received from AIC.

  • Paid off debt.
  • Bought a new car.
  • Put a down payment on a new home.
  • Purchased a motorcycle.
  • Added a pool to the family home.