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AIC helps beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and administrators Nationwide gain access to inheritance funds that are locked in probate or trusts.

Approved Inheritance Cash, Inc.

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Let AIC unlock your inheritance that’s stuck in probate. Get cash now, and we’ll do the waiting for you.
Don’t go broke paying for estate expenses out of your own pocket. AIC can help.
AIC brings their respected relationships and decades of experience working with Probate Attorneys for a smooth process.

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To be eligible to receive your cash now from an inheritance, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be an heir or beneficiary of a will or trust
  • The estate must be in probate
  • The heir or beneficiary must be eligible to inherit $20,000 or more

If you are serving as a trustee of a testamentary or other trust, AIC may be able to allocate funds to the trust or to trust beneficiaries prior to a final distribution or a recurring distribution. AIC has the expertise necessary to review the trust documents to determine if this type of transaction is possible and, if so, under what terms it may be made.

Trust beneficiaries can draw on from AIC’s services for a wide variety of purposes including meeting ordinary living expenses, paying tuition or medical expenses or even improving trust property. Examples of this last use of funds include readying trust property for sale or improving or repairing trust property to enhance its value or improve collected rents.

Whatever the desired use of funds, AIC stands ready to work with your trust department to provide the money your beneficiaries need.

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Your Inheritance Now, Without Delay

It’s your inheritance, but it can take months or even years to get a settlement, once your inheritance goes into probate. AIC can get your money now.

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“I used my inheritance cash to repair the family house and prepare it for sale.”

— Alfred Sulcer

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It’s your inheritance, but it can take months or even years to get a settlement, once your inheritance goes into probate. AIC can get your money now.

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